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Sioux City Dental Implants Solution for Missing Teeth.

Dental Implants Solution for Missing Teeth in Sioux City area

Did you know that we place and restore dental implants as a solution to missing teeth?  Our office in Sioux City has the capability  to replace your missing teeth from start to finish.  Implants are the best solution to replacing a missing tooth.  An implant is free standing and does not affect adjacent teeth. To begin the process, we discuss your goals and want you would like for an outcome. We can customize an implant solution for you.  We then take a 3D xray to determine the amount of bone you have and what solutions are possible.   We start with … Continue reading

General Dental Services

Young lady smilling with showing her teeth

Our office excels at general dental services in Sioux City ,IA.  That’s what we’re all about. We provide preventive services, fillings , root canals, extractions, cleanings, same day crowns, implants, dentures just to name a few of the general dental services we offer.  Our team is highly trained and we have the latest technologies to provide you with the best services. We have lasers to provide you with the benefits of laser dentistry.   We can do fillings with the laser that requires no anesthesia or  less anesthesia. The laser can also be used to help keep your gums healthier by … Continue reading

Teeth Cleaning

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So, you have an appointment for a “teeth cleaning”, but your busy and nothing hurts, so you decide not to go. What’s wrong with this picture? First of all, we don’t clean your teeth, you do. Hopefully every day with a toothbrush (and floss). When you come in for your hygiene appointment, we do more than clean your teeth with a toothbrush.  The hygienist reviews any changes in your health history and checks your blood pressure.  Why do we care about your medications?  They affect your oral health and your risk for dental decay for one.  It also affects how … Continue reading

What is the main cause of tooth cavities and how to prevent cavities

Toothfully Yours Insiders Knowledge

Sharing knowledge is always good and I am looking forward to giving you information that will help you improve your oral health and your overall health. As we all know, prevention is easier than dental treatment. So, let’s talk about prevention. Cavities are caused by multiple factors inside your mouth. To start with, realize healthy tooth enamel is the strongest substance that your body produces. In fact, enamel is stronger than any other substance on earth besides diamond. So how do holes form in enamel? Cavities are caused by acid that demineralizes or weakens the enamel Where does the acid … Continue reading