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woman with tooth ache

Accidents and unexpected dental issues occur. Compassion, prompt attention, and effective treatment restore more than oral health – they reassure you that your dentist genuinely care about you as a person. This is just one of the reasons Sioux City families trust Dr. Prince as their emergency dentist.

First Aid for Dental Emergencies

Dr. Prince may be able to save an adult tooth that is completely dislodged, if you act quickly:

  • Handle the tooth only by the crown.
  • If it is dirty, rinse gently with tepid water – no soap or scrubbing, please.
  • It is very important to keep the root moist, so, if possible, place the tooth back into its socket.
  • Alternatives are to put it between the gum and cheek, or in a cup of your own saliva or milk (which has proper pH).
  • Call our office immediately, to be seen by Dr. Prince right away.

Nerves and blood vessels do not repair, so the tooth will need root canal therapy in the future. However, the doctor re-implants the root and supports it with splints. This allows time for the bone to fuse the tooth in place. If it cannot be saved, Dr. Prince gets you out of discomfort and talks with you about viable tooth replacement options.

For other oral injuries, rinse the mouth with a warm salt water solution, and apply cool compresses to the cheek to reduce swelling, until you get to the dental office. If you have uncontrolled bleeding or believe you may have a broken bone, please call 911 or visit your nearest hospital emergency department immediately.

Soothing Treatment

Children play hard, which sometimes means they fall hard, incurring oral injuries. A child in pain is frightening to the caregiver, as well. Dental emergencies involving “permanent” adult teeth bring added anxieties. Isn’t it good to know that Dr. Prince and her team are just a phone call away? They allow time in the daily schedule to accommodate urgent situations. With modern advances such as laser instrumentation and same-day crowns, discomfort and inconvenience are minimized.

Put this number in your phone now, for peace of mind should a dental emergency occur – 712-274-2228