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General Dental Services

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Our office excels at general dental services in Sioux City ,IA.  That’s what we’re all about. We provide preventive services, fillings , root canals, extractions, cleanings, same day crowns, implants, dentures just to name a few of the general dental services we offer.  Our team is highly trained and we have the latest technologies to provide you with the best services.

We have lasers to provide you with the benefits of laser dentistry.   We can do fillings with the laser that requires no anesthesia or  less anesthesia. The laser can also be used to help keep your gums healthier by destroying the disease causing bacteria and helping the gums to heal more quickly and with less discomfort.   If you suffer from cold sores, the laser  offers effective treatment.  The minute  you feel the “tingle” call our office. We can laser the area and stop the lesion from appearing if caught early enough or lessen the pain and duration of the lesion.  Another use of  our lasers is to release tongue ties on newborns to help with  breastfeeding. So we do go beyond general dental services with our 4 different types of lasers here in Sioux City IA.

Same day dentistry is also offered, depending on the treatment, if we have the time we ill complete the same day you are here for your hygiene treatment. (cleaning).  We don’ use the word “cleaning” because that’s what you do at home when you brush and floss. Hygiene treatment or therapy is removing the hard build up and the biofilm  above and below the gumline.  Our crowns are finished the same day.  We mill them in the office and put them in place the same day.  No more temporaries  to fall off on the weekend.  Another example of a  general dental service raised to the next level.

If you experience decay, we try to get the cause of the problem.  We test your spit for pH,  buffering capacity, quantity of spit  and amount of bacteria.  Then we can prescribe a program  for you based on why you are getting cavities.  Its prevention at a different level of general dental services.

As far as our fillings go, we use the latest white filling material.  It is a bioactive material that  that releases fluoride,and calcium back into the tooth to make the tooth harder.   We can do bonding on your front teeth to make them look better and give you a great smile.

We pride ourselves on being advanced in smile design and  makeover.   If you would like a better smile for more confidence and better self esteem, come see us for a consultation.  Another general dental service that  is taken to the next level.

We are not your ordinary dental office in Sioux City , IA. We  provide extraordinary general dental services, we put you  first and  can provide the very best in dental care for you and your family.


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