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Sioux City Smiles Gleam with Teeth Whitening

What do you notice first when you meet someone new? What are you likely to remember about him or her? If you are like most of us, you answered, “The smile!” A captivating smile is that important in our culture, and white teeth are an incredibly important factor. There is a bright smile solution that fits every lifestyle, with multiple teeth whitening options at Dona W. Prince, DDS Esthetic Dentistry in Sioux City.

smiling young woman

How Whitening Works

Under magnification, you’d see that tooth enamel is covered with tubules – tiny channels that penetrate to the dentin layer. Molecules of pigmentation from foods, beverages, and tobacco become embedded in tubules, dulling the brightness of your smile. Tooth color is also impacted by enamel thinning as we age, and certain medications.

Surface stains can be controlled with a good hygiene program, but tooth brush bristles cannot get into microscopic tubules. Professional teeth whitening uses a prescription grade peroxide formula. As it oxidizes, it loosens and lifts pigments, returning teeth to their natural pearliness, or bleaching the smile brighter.

Whitening That Works for You

Dr. Prince understands that every patient has a unique smile and lifestyle. She offers three teeth whitening options to keep everyone smiling confidently:

Fast In-Office Treatment

With Kor Power Whitening or Glo in office whitening teeth can be dramatically brighter in about an hour. The powerful whitening agent is activated with a special light for speedy results or special mixing. Patients love this treatment to prepare for job interviews, family get-togethers, vacations, and photo shoots.

Gradual At-Home Whitening

Dr. Prince uses impressions of your mouth to create custom-fit whitening trays. They hold the professional-grade whitener securely in place while you relax, read, or sleep. Use the trays until your teeth reach desired brightness (in about two weeks for most people), and for periodic touch-ups. This is an excellent choice for individuals with sensitive teeth.

Combination System

No other method can get teeth as light as the KöR deep bleaching system. It starts with an in-office treatment, and whitening continues at home. This level of bleaching can release even deep intrinsic discoloration such as tetracycline stains. The Glo whitening system also offers a take home option that has a light to power your bleaching with shorter intervals needed to bleach and less sensitivity.

Dr. Dona Prince Delivers Dazzling Smiles

Give us a call to schedule your appointment and start feeling confident in your smile. Schedule your smile makeover from our team of experts. Reach out to our office by calling 712-274-2228 at your earliest convenience!