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Sioux City Patients Have Access to Laser Gum Treatments

Gum disease is a serious condition. While it is easy to ignore it the initial stages of gingivitis, untreated gum disease leads to periodontitis and tooth loss. It also increases the risk for many grave health concerns such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. If unpleasant stories about conventional treatments have kept you from seeking professional care, it is time to call Dr. Dona Prince in Sioux City for gentle laser gum therapies.

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Understanding Gum Disease

The warm, moist environment of your mouth is a haven for hundreds of strains of bacteria. When the balance of that ecosystem is disrupted, harmful bacteria overpopulate. They create a sticky film of plaque that protects them and traps food debris. As they thrive on sugars and starches, they excrete acidic waste that irritates delicate gum tissue. Plaque hardens into tartar at the gum line, causing further irritation. Inflamed gums loosen from teeth, allowing the bacterial attack to go deeper, eventually deteriorating connective ligaments and bone. Teeth get loose, and fall out or require extraction.

Gum disease is largely preventable with a good program of home care, and regular professional cleanings. However, other factors such as smoking, pregnancy, medical conditions and treatment, and heredity can increase the risk of gum disease, regardless of hygiene.

Healing at the Speed of Light

Traditional treatment includes scaling and root planing, scraping beneath gums to smooth root surfaces and promote a better seal. In severe cases, gingival flap surgery is necessary to give the dentist access to inflamed tissues around tooth roots. With laser-enhanced dentistry, Dr. Prince can usually avoid these invasive measures, with a treatment option that is virtually painless.

In this gentle procedure, Dr. Prince uses focused light energy to:

  • Precisely target diseased gum tissue
  • Sanitize pockets where gums have pulled away from teeth
  • Eliminate plaque and tartar
  • Smooth root surfaces

In many cases, numbing is not needed. There is minimal discomfort, bleeding, and post-procedure swelling.

Because the procedure is less traumatic, healing time is reduced.

Periodontal health should be part of everyone’s wellness strategy. The team at Dona W. Prince, DDS Esthetic Dentistry is happy to examine and recommend the proper course of action to help you regain your confidence. Reach out to our office by calling 712-274-2228 at your earliest convenience!