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Sioux City Dental Implants Solution for Missing Teeth.

Dental Implants Solution for Missing Teeth in Sioux City area

Did you know that we place and restore dental implants as a solution to missing teeth?  Our office in Sioux City has the capability  to replace your missing teeth from start to finish.  Implants are the best solution to replacing a missing tooth.  An implant is free standing and does not affect adjacent teeth.

To begin the process, we discuss your goals and want you would like for an outcome. We can customize an implant solution for you.  We then take a 3D xray to determine the amount of bone you have and what solutions are possible.   We start with the end in mind.  The implants are placed virtually under the virtual restoration…. All this is done with the aid of the computer X-Ray and scanner.   All the planning is done before any procedure is completed. A very precise guide is made so the implants can go in the exact location planned.

Dental implants provide multiple solutions for missing teeth. They can replace one missing tooth or they can replace all missing teeth.  If the dental implant solution is replacing all your teeth, it can be such that the teeth don’t come out…or the implant solution can be they help retain the dentures in place but you can take them out.

If you have specific issues like high decay rate, the dental implant solution can be one that is staged.  Implants placed in strategic locations can have adaptors changed out for different solutions for replacing teeth.

If it sounds confusing…it can be.   But you can make an appointment for a no charge consultation and we can see if dental implants are the solution for your missing teeth.

We would love to help you smile and remember:

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